How Can I Use Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET With the Acrobat SDK?

The Microsoft Windows version of Acrobat is an OLE Automation server. In order to use the OLE objects made available by Acrobat, you must have the full Acrobat product installed on your system and the Acrobat.tlb file included in the project references for your Visual Basic project. This allows you to use the Visual Studio .NET 2003 object browser to browse the OLE objects. For Acrobat versions 5.0 and higher, it is possible to access Acrobat’s JavaScript object model through the OLE Automation JSObject interface. See the JSObjectAccess sample. For more information, see Programming Acrobat JavaScript Using Visual Basic and the Acrobat Interapplication Communication Overview.

What Are the Best Resources For Getting Started Using Visual Basic .NET or Visual C# .NET With the Acrobat SDK?

The Acrobat Interapplication Communication Overview and Acrobat Interapplication Communication Reference describe the objects and methods available in these languages, as well as guidelines for usage. These documents (as well as the API) were designed with C programming in mind, and programming with the API requires some familiarity with C concepts such as enum. Besides the object browser, the best resources for programming in these languages are the sample projects. The samples demonstrate use of the Acrobat OLE objects and contain comments describing the parameters for the more complicated methods. The Iac.bas file in the InterAppCommunicationSupport\Headers folder contains the Visual Basic counterparts to the C #define statements and enumerations passed to many of the API methods.

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